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I Uploaded My Video, But Can’t Find It, What Do I Do?

March 8th, 2013 | By George in Questions and Answers | Comments Off

If you uploaded an FLV (Flash Video) successfully then you will find it by opening up the file manager (Folder icon in the tool bar), then going to “My Files” and then opening the “Your Video” folder.


If you uploaded a video, but it wasn’t in FLV format then it wont be in the “Your Video” folder and it wont be available to insert into a page to play.


If your video was in another format (For example WMV, AVI, MPEG), then you will find it in the “Download Files” folder (My Files) in the File Manager. These can’t be played on your site (the video player will only play FLVs), but your visitors can download them from your site. You can do this by creating or inserting a link (or button) on your site linking to that file.

Image and Graphics Tips

January 25th, 2013 | By George in Portfolio Building, Tips | Comments Off

- Try incorporating some of your personal photos onto the site, this will add some  personality and make the site more aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t have any pictures of your own, you can use some of the stock photos provided by PortfolioVillage

- When you are using your own pictures from a digital camera, they are too large for the site but lucky for you with PortfolioVillage your images are automatically formatted for the web so that they can fit on the page and load as quickly as possible. If you are concerned with the image quality and wish to control your images sharpness and contrast we suggest resizing the image yourself in photoshop before uploading it to your site.

- Small icons are a great way to make your site look detailed and professional. Adding links in the form of small social media logos are a great way to accomplish this not to mention get users to visit your social media pages. We provide some simple logo graphics that can be used very effectively. If you cant find a specific button you are looking for search online.

- Make your logo simple, it doesn’t have to be fancy, a small graphic or just your site name in a distinctive font that expresses what your site is about will do. Make sure your logo is consistent on all pages.

- Adding an alt tag to your images can help with your sites google rankings.

How Do I Create Links In My Text?

September 14th, 2012 | By George in Questions and Answers | Comments Off

First double click on the text box that you want to edit. Then click the “Link” tab in the Editor to see the link options available. Next select the piece of text you want to make a link by highlighting it with your mouse. Now you can choose the link type by clicking on one of the link icon in the “Link” tab (don’t worry if your highlighted text looks deselected, the software remembers what was selected).

We allow a number of different link types: webpage (allows you to link to an outside website), email, download file, a page within your site, PayPal link and a login link. Each link type will require you to add specific information. Follow the on screen instructions once you have selected your type, then click apply to complete the process. Remember to save your page once you have made changes. Links can only be tested in “View mode,” so click view my site to test the link you created.

How Do I Add A Link To My Page?

July 13th, 2012 | By George in Questions and Answers | Comments Off

Our software allows you to add links in several different ways. You can add a link button, create a link in your text, or make any image a link itself. To do this select the object you wish to make a link (double click for edit mode), and then click the “Link” tab in the Editor. You will then see the different link options available. When you have chosen your link type, simply type the address into the box and click “Apply” to confirm your choice. Remember to save your page when this is complete.

Links can only be tested in “View Mode,” so click “View My Site” to test the link you have just created. Alternatively, you can hold down the control button while clicking on the link to test your link in “Edit Mode.” This may work, but it is better to test the link in “View Mode” so you will be able to see the link as your viewers will be able to see it.


Inspiration – Blind Self Portrait Machine

May 25th, 2012 | By George in Inspiration | Comments Off has an article on their website about a machine that scans your facial features and uses it to draw a self portrait. Users of the machine close their eyes and place their arm, pen in hand, on a moving board. The computer reads your face and then moves your arm around allowing your hand to draw a self portrait with your eyes closed. Check the link above to watch a video as well as a photo gallery.

Can I Add HTML To My Site?

March 16th, 2012 | By George in Questions and Answers | Comments Off

Yes you can, using the HTML widget. The HTML widget can be found in the “Insert” menu of the Toolbar. To add your own HTML, first add the HTML widget to your page using the using the “Insert” menu. Next select the HTML widget on your site and click the “Setup” tab in the editor. Here you will find a text entry box in which to paste the HTML code you have been given. Paste in the code and then click apply. You may be asked to confirm the size of the HTML object being inserted. Then save your page.


HTML content cannot be viewed in Edit mode, so you will have to click “View My Site” to see the contents you have added.


Inspiration – OPEN Forum: 3 Innovation Blogs That Will Inspire Ideas

March 2nd, 2012 | By George in Inspiration | Comments Off

Here is an article from that talks about three blogs that people can draw inspiration from. Thanks to OPEN Forum for making this weeks inspiration post easy.

Inspiration – Best of 2011

December 30th, 2011 | By George in Inspiration | Comments Off

As you know 2011 is over this weekend. In honor of 2011 I have compiled a bunch of “Best of 2011″ lists from the web. Enjoy and Happy New Year.

The 50 Best Websites of 2011

Best Apps 2011

The Best and Worst TV Shows of 2011

Best and Worst Ads of 2011

Top Ten Buzzwords 2011

140 Best Twitter Feeds 2011

The 50 Best Movies of 2011

The 10 Best Books of 2011

The 10 Best Art Exhibitions Of 2011

20 Best Songs of 2011

Inspiration – Light Painting

October 7th, 2011 | By George in Inspiration | 1 Comment »

Dino-Light: Photographer’s Amazing Light Paintings of Dinosaurs

Darren Pearson, featured in the tutorial video above, has perfected the art of light painting. By making the shutter on the camera stay open for a longer amount of time, the artist is able to draw these incredible light paintings using flash lights. Check the link above to see some of his work drawing dinosaurs and feel free to watch the tutorial from the artist himself (above) to start trying to create your own light art.

Being Social Part 3 – Twitter

September 16th, 2011 | By George in Portfolio Building | 28 Comments »

Last week we added a forum to your PortfolioVillage site. This week we are going to learn how to add a twitter feed to your site. Just like last week we will start with the insert button on the sitemaker bar at the top of your page. From here you will be able to access your social tools section on the left side of your screen.

From here we will select the “Twitter Feed” option. This will open a twitter box on your site. As always you will have the option to move the box around and alter its size. This can be done manually, by dragging and dropping the corners or the whole box itself or by using the Editor box that appears on the page with your twitter box.

To change the size of your box without manipulating the corners, you can change the numbers around on the “Info” tab of your editor box. The Setup tab is going to be the most important tab for the twitter feature this will be where you enter your twitter account information that will be on display in the box.

For this to work, you will obviously need a twitter account. This can be easily setup by going to You can also use the twitter account of someone else’s twitter if you’d like to have their twitter account showcased on your website (Ex. Favorite Artist, Celebrity, Athlete, Etc.). Once you have selected the twitter account you want to use (whether it be your own or someone else’s) simply copy and paste the address into the box in the setup tab. Once you do this you will be faced with two options, “Get Snippet” or “Apply.” The “Get Snippet” button will take you to your twitter page and allow you to alter how the twitter box will appear on your PortfolioVillage page. Name, Color, Dimensions and more are all easily edited by clicking on the “Get Snippet” button along with getting the HTML code you will need to activate your twitter account on your page. Once you finish editing how you want your twitter box to look click on “Finish and Grab Code” at the bottom of the page, which will take you to a text box filled with HTML code.

Copy this code in its entirety from the box and paste it into the text box in your “Setup” tab on your PortfolioVillage site. Then click apply. You have now successfully linked your twitter account to your PortfolioVillage site. There is still one more step to complete before we are officially finished and that is the “Style” tab on your editor box.

From here we will be able to finalize your Twitter box by changing the background and border color along with deciding whether you want your content automatically cropped or to be shown with scroll bars. To change the colors of background and border you must first click on the button which will open up the pop up color menu that will allow you to choose your colors. The last part is easy, simply decide whether you want your content to be cropped or whether you want your viewers to be able to scroll down and search through individual tweets.

Follow these instructions and your page will be equipped with your twitter account. With twitter you will add another string to your Portfolio Bow. You can use this to generate more views for your site and your work. Next week we will learn about RSS Feeds.